I surprised myself at how much I loved teaching after giving my first workshop. Public speaking is something that I am not a fan of but sharing my knowledge and love of photography is. My favorite part of class is when I see it “click” it my students eyes and the grasp the concepts to create beautiful images. I teach stand alone workshops and also at Modesto Junior College. Some of the classes that I teach include “Learning Your DSLR in Manual Mode”, “Portrait Photography” and “Using Photoshop to Edit Your Digital Images {Beginning & Intermediate}”.

My most popular workshop, “Learning how to use your DSLR camera in Manual Mode and Techniques on taking better pictures of your children using natural light” {sorry, total mouthful} is taught several times a year. Below is the class description:

You have that nice, fancy DSLR camera, so WHY NOT learn how to finally use it! In one evening you will learn how to use that camera the way it is supposed to be used, OFF AUTO! You will learn about and understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they relate. In addition you will learn tips and techniques to TAKE BETTER PICTURES of your own children. Learn to identify and find lighting that will be more flattering. How to manipulate your kids and the situation into getting the kind of pictures you want. You will get a workbook to bring home so you can continue to learn and refer back to what you were just taught. You will be shooting models to practice what you are learning and dinner will be served. Don’t forget to bring your camera and user manual.

This workshop is scheduled for:

  • Sunday: 2/16 from 9:30-2
  • Friday: 2/21 from 4:00-8:30
  • Friday 2/28 from 4:30-9

To sign up or for more information please email or fill out this contact form.



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