Boudoir no longer means feeling uncomfortable laying half naked in front of a camera making sexy faces and doing awkward poses. With Boudoir Redefined by Liz E. Studio we want to celebrate you; the woman you are and the beauty you possess. Your pictures will look more like tear sheets from an Anthropologie or Free People magazine (with a little extra skin showing) than the ‘90’s glamour mall pictures you are used to seeing.

I had done many boudoir shoots in my studio. If you back in the blog you can view some of those but one day after looking through a Free People magazine I felt a physical energy pulse of excitement run through me and I knew women, outdoors or in comfortable surrounding, being themselves and free with movement and excitement and a calmness and peace all wrapped in one is what I wanted to do. I called up a past client and mom of two Lisa because with my small interaction with her I could tell she was a free spirit like me. I explained to her the vision in my mind and a couple days later she showed up with a suitcase of clothes and I photographed her with my heart and without client expectation… and it turned out to be my favorite shoot I had ever done.  Lucky many other woman loved it too and I am able to fill a void that is missing in this area of women and boudoir photography. The Boudoir {Redefined} shoot was born that day and I am so greatful to find my deepest passion in photography. Free, happy, beautiful, sexy and wonderfully unscripted. It is bringing out the inner beauty and not faking some outer shell in silly outfits and cheesy poses.



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