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I am Liz, just a girl that loves her family and is so grateful I can follow my passion in the meantime.

I LOVE boudoir {redefined} shoots. After photographing mostly families and kids since 2007, boudoir {redefined} was created in 2012. Many brides were requesting boudoir shoots and they all went well in my studio. However I felt so tied down and confined. It felt artificial to me doing faces in the bright lights in the small space. After getting a Free People catalog and getting chills throughout my body with an excitement of “this is it, what I WANT to do”. I contacted a past client and it was even better than I could have hoped for. These types of photo shoots are my favorite. They are the most rewarding and women are always amazed at how comfortable and fun it was. I love the interaction, friendship and pride I feel when I see women change and feel beautiful and confident within the first few minutes of a shoot. These shoots are a liberating experience for them and me. I get it. I am a busy Mom of 4, with a business and crazy life like you. None of my clients are supermodels. They are Moms, your neighbor, just amazing ordinary women who want to and deserve to feel and look as beautiful as they really are. It is so fun to freeze a couple of hours and step out from the wife, mom, fiancé, worker role and just be the you under all of that. Manipulate light and shadow along with posing to flatter the parts of yourself you want to accentuate. I honestly get giddy every time one of these shoots are booked because it is always a great experience. You are going to look and feel beautiful… Ok, back to the about stuff…. See, I get passionate when I talk about this:)

My job as a photographer – what I love and what keeps my job fun – is the creative process of working with you to create the portrait that matches your personality, a collection that you will love and treasure.

I hope you will call me at 209.573.4534 and give me the opportunity to take your photos and capture the beautiful you!



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