Below are some of our most frequently addressed questions. Got a question we haven’t covered? Contact us and ask away!


I am nervous! Is boudoir really for me?

Oh good, you are normal. The best part is that Boudoir {Redefined} sessions are for the everyday woman, mom, friend, neighbor! Whether you are taking for these pictures for someone special or doing this shoot for yourself, you will never regret doing it. You are freezing a moment in time and I promice you will feel so good about yourself everytime you look at them. It is a fun reminder of the beautiful, sensual person that is inside of you.


I don’t look the girls you have on your web site?

Neither do they! It is not everyday that you get your hair and make up professionally done and go out and pose in perfect lighting situations in positions that you didn’t know you were capable of without any distractions in the world. You are booking this session because you want pictures of the “You” that exists under the disguise of being super Mom, overworked employee, busy fiancé or hell… just because you want to! You will look like one of those girls on my web site.:)

How can I prepare for my shoot?

Lotion Up! Be sure to groom and moisturize prior to your shoot. Try regular, non-shimmering body lotion rather than baby oil or sparkly powders.

Get a Mani-Pedi! Paying attention to the fine details will really make the difference in your shoot. While simple, neat finger and toenails will look great, consider going all out. A crisp French manicure or sparkly pink toe will really pop! If you want bold nails, black, red, pink… they all create a different feel.

Touch up the roots! Photoshop does wonders but not really for hair roots, so if it’s time for a touch up try and get that done 3-7 days before your session.


 Should I spray tan?

Nope! I prefer fair, natural colored skin to a glowing spray tan any day. Spray tans often appear “orangy” in pictures and generally take away from your natural beauty. If you regularly spray tan and are comfortable with the results, then go ahead. If, however, you’ve never spray tanned and thought you might try it for your photo shoot, we recommend that you wait and try it later.


What should I do about hair and make up? I want to look GLAM!

And we want you to, too! We provide a hair and makeup add on option in all of our packages for $125. We recommend expert hair and makeup artists for your shoot. They’ll doll you up with big, sexy hair, false eyelashes, and super-model make up—the works!  We have total confidence in our experts, and encourage you to trust them, too, so that you can get the most out of this experience. However if you want to do yourself up or have a friend that you trust to make you look your best that is fine with us.


Do I have to have my hair and make up done by your stylists?

No, that is up to you, however we do encourage it. We want you to look fabulous and therefore have already worked professional hair and make up into our package as an add on. Furthermore, our experts are great at what they do; they have lots of experience working with professional photographers, and know the tricks of the trade. Remember, the camera will “tone down” the makeup so wear a little more than you are used to… it will look great in the pictures.

We recommend bringing some hair supplied and extra makeup and lipstick to the shoot for touchups or to change it up a bit.


What to wear To the Session

Be sure to wear non-restrictive undergarments to your session and then change into your lingerie at the shoot. You may even want to “go commando” to prevent any red indentions or lines. During the shoot consider the classics, like a lacy push-up bra and cute panties. Teddies also look great, as do corsets, baby dolls, slips, and jewelry. Cutoff jean shorts, sheer tops, lacy shirts and boy panties also are fun. High heels are a wonderful choice, as well: they lengthen the leg and push out the derriere. However a cute pair of boots, sandals or even barefoot are often more appropriate depending on the feel and location. It’s really up to you, though. Go simple, or go all out. It’s hard to mess this up! For more inspiration, check out our Boudoir {Redefined} board on pinterest. We will also talk on the phone when you book and plan out the location and feel that you are going for so I can offer up suggestions. It is always good to overpack for your session so we can mix and match and grab what you are feeling like. Hats, jewelry, accessories and even props like a guitar add a lot to your session too. We are going to have a blast. I promise.


Will I be photographed topless or nude?

Not unless you specifically ask to be. We will never encourage or ask you to remove any of your lingerie or clothing. If you have an interest in a “hands over chest” topless shot or nude photo, just let us know. Your comfort is our priority. I am not a Playboy type photographer. Everything is kept classy.


Will I be retouched? I have some acne, cellulite and other imperfections!

Yes. Any picture of yourself will already be retouched for you and ready to order. All those ladies you see on the web site don’t usually walk around looking like that. We all have pimples, dimples and more. In addition to posing and using flattering light and angles, lucky for you Liz has amazing editing skills that make you look your best. Photoshopping is done to enhance the picture, not change your entire body shape or to morph you into a different person.


How do I know how to pose myself?

During your shoot, I will guide you on different poses and positions to place your body to have you looking as slim, comfortable, classy and sexy. We will accentuate the features you love while still keeping a natural and effortless feel. We will laugh and work together to make beautiful pictures and a wonderful experience for you.


When will I see my images?

Your images will be ready 2-3 weeks after your session. The wait will be worth it. When your proofs are ready, you will see them in an online gallery and can then decide about albums, prints and more. If you want your pictures back sooner you can pay a $50 rush fee and your pictures will be ready within 3 days.


What is your cancellation policy?

We recognize that plans change and you may need to reschedule or cancel. We ask that you give us one week notice to reschedule or cancel your session so that we can notify all of the staff and stylists involved. We will be happy to work with you to reschedule your session or event, but please note that dates are subject to availability. Deposits are non-refundable. As long as the cancellation is over 48 hours before your shoot, you can apply the deposit towards another session.


Who will be at my session?

We know a boudoir shoot might be a big step outside of your comfort zone, but that’s part of the fun! We therefore strongly encourage you to enjoy your photo session solo. Surprising as it seems—you will feel more free and uninhibited without your husband, mother, or best friend watching from behind the camera. Your private session will therefore consist of you and Liz.


May I please bring my husband or boyfriend?

We maintain a strict “No Boys Allowed” policy during the photo session. Please keep in mind, too, that although we do our best to avoid it, your session might overlap with another client’s, and she might not feel as comfortable around your man as you do.


Can we bring our own drinks?

If you want to bring a beverage to help you relax or water and a light snack, please feel free to do so.


How long will you keep my images? Can I purchase some next year?

All session images are kept on file for 30 days from your session, after which only the finished images are archived for 1 year.


 Who will see my pictures?

Your comfort and privacy is our priority. Liz will see your photos, but no one else will be allowed to view your photos. This includes members of Liz E. Studio staff who are not involved with photographic decisions, like prop assistants, hair stylists, etc. And of course, no one unrelated to Boudoir {Redefined} will see your photos unless you are the one showing them off! However, if you see your images and you want to share them because think you rocked it, we will have a model release available for you to sign so we can use you in our portfolio or promotional advertising, etc.


Will my images be used on your website, in your portfolio, or in promotional advertising?

Again, we must emphasize that we realize how important your comfort and privacy is, and you will never be asked to sign a model release prior to your session. However, if you see your images and think you rocked it, we will have a model release available for you to sign so we can use you in our portfolio or promotional advertising, etc. Your images are NEVER used without your explicit permission.


Feel free to call Liz and chat if you have any other questions!

We want this to be a wonderful experience for you. Any questions or concerns that you have can most likely be put to rest with a phone call. Feel free to call me at 209.573.4534 or shoot me an email at Liz@LizEStudio.com. I am excited to hang with you and an looking forward to meeting you. I love meeting new people. Thanks for considering me to take these fun, beautiful bad ass pictures of your beautiful self!


OK, I am ready to book. What do I do now?

You can click here to be taken to a contact form to fill out. Liz will be in touch with you to figure out the perfect date, time and location for your shoot. You can also shoot me an email at Liz@LizEStudio.com or call me at 209.573.4534. After the details are figured out you can pay your $150 deposit online by clicking here or using the form under Contact > Book Your Session. The money will be applied towards your purchase.



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